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Waterproof Dog Training Mat

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$174.99 - $192.99  –  NOW $87.97 - Small Or $96.97 - Medium Waterproof Dog Training Mat

This Waterproof Dog Training Mat is a MUST HAVE! Designed with a premium high-quality waterproof rubber material. This material is easy to clean, water resistant, and has excellent strength and durability. This Waterproof Dog Training Mat will help your cat or dog to learn good house manners by keeping them off furniture and counters or out of selected rooms. Pets will soon learn which parts of your home they should avoid. It emits pulses similar to common static electricity. 

  • Easy to clean with wet towels, but don't put it in water because of the electrical components
  • Quickly discourages pets from developing bad habits
  • Safe electrostatic pulse will never hurt your pet
  • This highly effective consumer favorite requires a 9 volt battery (not included)
  • Responds to your pet's touch with the harmless low-power 3-second static pulse
  • Activity indicator shows when pets are no longer testing the mat
  • With three intensity levels, this mat works well for any size cat or dog
  • Provides instant stimulation at the exact time and place of your pet’s offending behavior
  • With 3 different switchable shock levels, you can easily change the shock levels from low to high manually
  • Easy to roll up for convenient storage

This Waterproof Dog Training Mat also makes a GREAT Gift! No more waiting! Buy NOW!


Material: Rubber Waterproof Fabric

Color: Transparent

Size: Small and Medium

Battery Size: 9 Volt Battery *Not Included

Package Includes:

1 Training Mat
1 User Manual

Note: No battery included in the parcel.

We ship with a USPS tracking number.  Shipping takes between two and six weeks.

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